July 26-27, 2013, University of Wisconsin - Madison

July 25-26, 2014

DrupalCamp Wisconsin is a two day, community-organized event for people who love the interwebs. Both days will be packed with multi-track sessions about Drupal. Sessions will cover basic to advanced topics with plenty in between. The camp will be held on the UW-Madison Campus at Rennebohm Hall, School of Pharmacy.


DrupalCamp Keynotes

Whose Drupal Is It?

Bill Fitzgerald

The Drupal project and the Drupal community have evolved tremendously over time. For that matter, so has the web. For people working as technologists - from site builders to designers to developers to themers to sysadmins - how does our approach to building sites evolve alongside these changes? How do we balance doing our work, and contributing back in ways that are sustainable and useful?

Drupal 8: What You Need to Know

Matthew Tift

This session will provide a high-level overview of the most important things to know about Drupal 8, including information about the key initiatives: Configuration Management, HTML5, Layouts, Mobile, Multilingual, Views in Core, and Web Services.

As of July 1, we have now entered Drupal 8's polish phase -- the home stretch of Drupal 8 development where we will focus on fixing bugs and moving Drupal 8 toward the first release candidate later this year.
At this session you will find out what problems have been solved for end users and clients, site builders, designers and front-enders, and developers. You will also learn where you can go if you would like to get involved and help make Drupal 8 even better!

DrupalCamp is this Friday and Saturday

Hopefully everyone is ready for Drupal Camp WI on Friday and Saturday. The
schedule is posted. If you submitted a
session, please review the schedule and let us know if there needs to be any

Please remember to see http://drupalcampwi.com/venue-location for Parking
information and we'll see you for breakfast at 9 o'clock in the Pharmacy
Commons (follow the Drupal signs).

-DrupalCampWI Planners